10 Things you should Know about Cayenne Pepper (You’ll Love it More!)

December 09, 2020 |

Img Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay What’s the first thing you will do when you’ve got a runny nose? For sure, you’ll run to the drugstore to buy medicine or you’ll find something at home that will lessen the discomfort, right? After reading this article you will find out another way on how to ease a runny nose with a plant that you’ll love growing in your garden. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how this common sight in your garden and in the market is so full-packed of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients very beneficial to the health. Introducing...(drum roll please!) the cayenne pepper! Let’s start adding some spice to our daily life starting today.

What is Cayenne Pepper? Cayenne pepper (Guinea spice) is known to be used as a food spice; however, a lot of people are not yet aware that this plant is packed with health benefits. In today’s world where we always seek breakthroughs to achieve wellness and improve the kind of our wellness and living, cayenne pepper can be one of those you might be looking for.

10 Amazing Things About Cayenne Pepper We compiled the various health benefits of cayenne pepper and other things people rarely know about this vegetable. You’ll be amazed that this spicy food can actually ease a stuffy nose! Sounds pretty interesting, right? Here are the health benefits you can get from cayenne pepper. Img Image by Enotovyj from Pixabay Cayenne pepper relieves achy joints and muscles. Capsaicin, the substance which gives cayenne its spicy taste, is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter treatments for arthritis and muscle pain. That’s cool, hmm... That very same substance that gives effects to some of our common medicines is easy to be found on the usual plant we have in our garden! So, if you want to get your muscle pains and body aches to vanish, it’s time to include cayenne pepper in your meals. Not only it adds that spicy flavor that most of us love and enjoy, but we can also acquire as well capsaicin which can help to prevent various diseases.

It boosts your calorie burning. Do you know that just a one-half teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed in a meal can help suppress appetite and burn calories? There are also various researches which showed that including cayenne in their diet also helps them to gain appetite and crave less fatty foods. Interesting, huh? Now, for those in a diet program, cayenne pepper can be an addition to your weight loss recipe. Cayenne pepper reduces blood sugar levels. People suffering from diabetes who ate a meal containing liberal amounts of cayenne pepper required less insulin to reduce their blood sugar. That’s a big help, for sure! Thus, it was concluded that the spice could contain anti-diabetes benefits.

Cayenne pepper improves psoriasis symptoms. We all know that psoriasis is one of the most sensitive skin diseases someone can have. Information about the disease is now being shared so people can be more aware of it. Studies have shown that cayenne pepper significantly improved itching and other symptoms related to psoriasis.

It helps boost circulation. Cayenne improves blood circulation, thus easing blood flow to the body system. It is also helpful in treating with other medications or supplements if you are suffering from some circulation issues. If you have some kinds of allergies, cayenne can be an aid for you. It is also useful in easing muscle cramp, improving digestion, helps wound healing with minimal scar tissue, and energizes the body.

Cayenne is also an excellent rubefacient. It means it can help the body remove toxins from the blood; thus, with cayenne pepper, you can be naturally cleansed. Wow, a natural detoxifier!

It stimulates the appetite. Cayenne peppers are a natural appetizer. That explains why people prefer to have pepper in their meal as an appetizer. That spicy taste triggers our taste buds so your meals can be more enjoyable.

Cayenne pepper contains anti-fungal properties. Several types of research have shown that cayenne pepper can powerfully prevent the formation of the fungal pathogens phomopsis and collectotrichum, thus, can prevent various kinds of skin diseases caused by a fungal infection. Cayenne pepper unclogs a stuffy nose. And here it is! This one interests me most about cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper’s capsaicin is a powerful decongestant. It stimulates the release of mucus from respiratory passages and opens your airways. So, the next time you’ll experience discomfort due to a stuffy nose, here’s what to do: Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your favorite meals. You can also sip a spicy tea by adding 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder to a cup of boiling water.

How To Grow Cayenne Pepper in Your Garden Img Image by francis goh from Pixabay Cayenne pepper is actually easy to grow. However, it still requires the proper care and techniques to successfully grow this in your garden. Don’t worry, Plant3r is here to help you with that. All you have to do is visit our website and utilize our features to assist you.

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