Why You Should Start Gardening this 2021

January 18, 2021 |

According to a study conducted by Bonnie Plants USA, over 20 million people amateur growers joined the pitchfork and trowel revolution in response to the devastating pandemic. With prices going in a continued upward momentum and talks about food safety always in the limelight, it is not surprising that the figure reached this whopping mark. Now, if you are still not included in this statistic but have always planned to pick your trowel throughout this challenging year, then perhaps you can muster enough determination and commitment to start your garden next year. The reasons outlined below would possibly be enough for you to put that plan into motion.

Here are the top reasons why you should have your garden next year: 1. Safer and more sumptuous tasting food! Img Image by Mikorad from Pixabay Is there anything that tastes better than fresh herbs and vegetables? When you have easy-to-access homegrown ingredients, it seems that a mouth-watering recipe can pop out any time of the day! Besides enjoying a flavor that is incomparable to any other food from 5-star restaurants, you have nothing to worry about contamination. There are no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives added. You are assured that you and your family get the vital nutrients without spending too much and risking yourself outside due to frequent trips to food markets.

2. Better health through exercise! Img Image by photoAC from Pixabay Gardening is an excellent way to get you outdoors! Of course, you have to till the soil, plant, water, remove weeds, and more. You'll get to breathe more fresh air and burn some calories while you're doing these activities. Furthermore, gardening is an excellent way to relieve yourself from stress. Instead of thinking about work or home issues, your mind will be occupied as to what you can do to make your harvest a fruitful one!

3. Less food to throw in the garbage bin! Img Image by Merry Christmas from Pixabay According to statistics, an average household in the United States throws out over $600 worth of produce every year! This figure might make you frown, but come to think of it. Since most produce in groceries and supermarkets is not that fresh, they are likely to spoil faster than those you get from your garden. Moreover, since you have given the extra effort and attention to your product, the less possibility that you will take them for granted. As they say, once you are inspired to consume what is on the table, there would be less food waste.

4. Less impact on the planet! Img Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay No matter how big or small your garden is, having one positively impacts the environment. When you grow vegetables or other plants within or around your home, the less likely will you use herbicides or pesticides. This act, no matter how small, cuts down on air and water pollution in significant ways. You will also help consume less fossil since you would lessen your trip to the market and do not have the need to transport your produce from one place to another.

5. A sense of pride and accomplishment! Img Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay Starting a garden and watching your plants grow and bloom under your care can give you an unexplainable feeling of pride and accomplishment. Gardening is not an easy task, and being successful at it delivers a long list of benefits. Once you start harvesting the fruit of your labor, you can pat yourself for doing something good not only for you and your family but also for the whole community!

6. Save more money! Img Image by Mizianitka from Pixabay

In these uncertain times, the saying that a penny saved is a penny earned proves to be very timely. With the pandemic rummaging the worldwide economy, there is no assurance that everything will stay the same, let alone the prices of people's staple needs. When you have your products, you can save a few dollars now and then. Even if you decided to grow ornamental plants in your backyard, you could also gain money by selling them. These things are only some of the perks of gardening. As long as you follow the experts' tips and give time and dedication to your plants, nothing could go wrong! All that there is to do is to reap the benefits.

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