Common Mistakes New Gardeners Make

February 10, 2021 |

Doing something for the first time can always be exciting and challenging. Since we feel strange about how to perform things, we are at risk of making mistakes. That’s undeniable and helpful at the same time. From errors, we learn more valuable lessons. And from there, we become better and more passionate about everything we do. The same goes when it comes to gardening. It is not always a perfect effort when planting crops or growing your favorite flowering plant. As a new gardener, you are close to experiencing failures before seeing amazing results from your gardening efforts.

Common Mistakes New Gardeners Make When Getting Started Img Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay.

Below are some of the common errors most new gardeners commit. It is important to be aware of these so that proper precautions and solutions will be implemented.

#1 Not knowing the growing season for each plant

Sometimes, new gardeners are too excited to dig the soil and plant the seeds hoping they will grow successfully. However, not all plants grow in the same season of the year. Learn the zone where you are and be aware of the gardening seasons. It will be helpful if you can ask for such information from your local nurseries or agricultural department.

#2 Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the common mistakes gardeners do when planting. However, it should be kept in mind that not all plants require more water. Cacti and succulents, for instance, should not be watered a lot or they will die. Make sure to take down notes for each plant and their water requirements. There are also specific watering instructions and the right time of the day to do the watering.

#3 Not learning the proper way of applying fertilizers

Plants need nutrients to grow healthily. However, there are new gardeners who either put too much or not all apply fertilizers to their plants. Each plant may require different types of fertilizers. For instance, tomatoes and roses need different kinds of fertilizers for them to grow and bloom.

#4 Overcrowding

New gardeners often forget that plants need room to breathe and grow. They need proper spacing for their roots to grow adequately. They also need space for good air circulation. When plants grow too densely with each other, they may end up growing stressed and unhealthy. They can be more prone to pests and diseases, too!

#5 Not weeding

Weeds are one of the leading enemies of your plants. They get the nutrients for your plants, and oftentimes, they also make the garden too crowded. It is crucial that you get rid of the weeds. Proper maintenance is key to having a healthy garden. Img Image by PhotoAC from Pixabay.

#6 Not choosing the best soil properly Not all plants grow successfully in the same type of soil. That is gardeners must learn first the type of soil they will use for the plants they choose to grow. Be diligent in digging and flourishing the soil. Make sure the soil is free from weed and clean for future tending.

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