How to Start a Container Garden

June 06, 2020 |

Here at Plant3r, we're all about making growing as painless as possible. To that end, our Plant3r Assistant is an easy and simple option when planning your first container garden.

In less than a minute (exactly five questions and answers to be precise), we have you up and running with everything you need to know.

Let's run through those questions real quick in a sneak peek...


Plant3r Assistant-you can find it on our home page or


Planting space size

The first question asks what size space you have for your container garden. We used commonly known objects and spaces so that the user doesn't have to measure the space exactly.


Household size

Then we ask the number of people in the household who will eat from the garden. This allows us to plan for a certain number of plants per person in the garden space. For example, we expect that each person will require at least 3 tomato plants worth of tomatoes in a growing season.


Category of plants-one type at a time

Next, we ask for a type or category of plants the user would like to focus on in their garden. Plant3r Assistant can only handle one at a time though. However, it's easy to go back and do it over if you would like to add more plants to your garden space. We even offer automatic mixes of plants such as a 'Guac Garden' or the 'Plant3r Combo'. Feel free to use as many as you like.


Germination time and sunlight requirements

Then we offer to include the number of days it takes for the plants to germinate and the number of sunlight hours per day each plant category requires. This is helpful for assessing which plants to put in your garden space and setting reminders on your calendar to check on the plants for germination.


Email required to complete the design

Finally, and most importantly, Plant3r Assistant needs the user's email so that we can actually send the planting guide to her/him. It usually arrives in a few minutes and looks like this.


The welcome email with container size, potting soil, and planting instructions

Obviously there is a lot more to the planting process than just these steps and instructions. But we feel this is a quick and easy start that saves new gardeners a lot of time and headaches.

The next step for the team is to provide people with specific information about their garden at the time that they need it most. For example, watering reminders, harvest timing and instructions, knowing when and how to succession plant, and everything you need to know when saving seeds for the next planting season. Simple enough if you know what you're doing, but for a new or inexperienced gardener these things are quite complicated.

And that's why we're here. We turn brown thumbs green and show everyone how to outproduce industrial agriculture on a massive scale.

We're Plant3r and that's what we do!

Wishing you an abundant harvest this year.

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Plant3r is a ' virtual assistant' for brand new vegetable gardeners. The Plant3r Assistant helps you get the materials you need to start your garden without all of the hours of research. Just answer a few simple questions and everything you need to get started is in your inbox a few minutes later. Plant more with Plant3r!

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