Interesting Things you may not yet Know about Ampalaya (Bitter Melon)

February 01, 2021 |

It may not be everyone’s favorite, but it’s undeniably healthy and nutritious. Yes, you may be one of those people that find ampalaya to be “too bitter” to take. But with its multitude of benefits, you will for sure have a change of heart.

Ampalaya: A Bitter-Sweet Story

Ampalaya (Momordica charantia), or bitter gourd, (sometimes also called ‘bitter melon’) has long been known for its bitter taste. But you shouldn't miss the great health benefits associated with eating it on a regular basis.

Ampalaya must be a part of any healthy diet. Believe you me, once you’ve learned the proper technique on how to cook it (there are many great recipes online), you’ll definitely love this as a viand. Not only that, you’ll thank yourself for giving it a try since the healthy nutrients it can give are truly impressive. Img Image by Alexandra Tianu from Pixabay.

The Benefits of Ampalaya You Should Not Miss

#1 Ampalaya has been confirmed to be an effective cure for diabetes.

As we all know, diabetes is one of the world’s leading diseases that causes detrimental effects to people all over the world. Various medical research and studies suggest that this plant can be effectively utilized in treating type-2 diabetes. It contains phytonutrients and polypeptide-P, plant insulin which has been proven to lower blood sugar levels.There are many ampalaya products manufactured by leading companies on the market today. They are easily taken and ideal for those people who are afraid of the bitter taste. Although there are many ampalaya capsules and supplements available on the market, you can still prepare natural ampalaya juice or smoothies at home.

#2 Ampalaya helps make your skin healthy and glowing.

Ampalaya helps prevent skin conditions such as psoriasis. It also aids in getting rid of common fungal infections such as ringworm and tinea Flava. That’s amazing, right? Nature’s wonder is not only used as food but can be utilized as well for medicinal and healing purposes.

#3 Ampalaya keeps your heart healthy.

Did you know that ampalaya seeds can help protect you from heart problems? Yes, they can! The seeds have properties that aid in burning the unnecessary fats clogging your arteries and veins. The good news is, the seeds are less bitter than the fruit and leaves. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Img Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay.

#4 Ampalaya is also used to treat various hair and scalp problems Conditions such as thinning hair and flaky scalp are a common problem today. This melon helps by reducing the severity of these conditions and moisturizing the skin.

#5 Ampalaya promotes better metabolism and burning of fats Making it an ideal weight loss supplement. This is why more and more people are in love with ampalaya smoothies nowadays.

#6 Ampalaya is also good for your tummy. Did you know that ampalaya is also used in treating gastrointestinal diseases? How about a glass of ampalaya juice today for a happy tummy? Ampalaya leaf extract is also known to be a good remedy for stomach problems such as diarrhea, constipation and indigestion. It is rich in fiber, which is probably a great reason why it helps so much.

#7 It is packed with various other nutrients Ampalaya is an excellent source of vitamin C, thiamin, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, and manganese-all essential for a healthy body. Ampalaya leaves and fruits are good sources of calcium, and phosphorus, Vitamin B, and iron. Just imagine that! A vegetable usually avoided because of its bitter taste, but in reality, it's full of helpful vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

#8 Ampalaya helps you to maintain healthy eyesight. Ampalaya is rich in beta carotene which helps preserve good vision. So, no worries now, you can have good eyesight with this nutritious vegetable.

#9 Ampalaya can be a good source of energy. The various vitamins and minerals that can be found in ampalaya are known to be stamina builders that fight fatigue and promote vitality. Img Image by Leng Kangrui from Pixabay.

#10 Ampalaya is also used for headache relief.

When the muscles surrounding the brain are under pressure, it can lead to headaches. Ampalaya can help reduce pressure and alleviate headaches. That’s why it should be a daily part of your diet.

Growing Ampalaya in your Garden.

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