The Plant3r Philosophy

May 27, 2020 |

I get it. You're scrolling through your Facebook or LinkedIn page and you see a new company promising that you can save the world by buying X or Y. I'm sure that it happens on a regular basis. But you feel like you can do so much more. The only problem is how?

At Plant3r, we're not going to sell you the latest doodad with a 'green' veneer claiming this will help save the world from ecological calamity. No single solution will ever help in that regard.

Plant3r is all about empowering regular people to take to the soil and grow in a way that was never possible before. With an estimated 40 million acres of lawn in the US and many more millions of land used in other ways, there are plenty of opportunities to turn urban monoculture into productive growing space.

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Our first step is the Plant3r Assistant which we released back in April 2020. It's not much at the moment. For now, it can help you create your first container garden with a few simple questions as a guide. But we will be adding more plants, maintenance reminders, and harvesting instructions in the coming weeks so that you can rely on Plant3r Assistant for anything you need in the future.

Conventional wisdom suggests that industrial farming is still the way forward for the future despite the many drawbacks of the current system. But with an estimated 80% of the world's food coming from small farms around the world. Perhaps this wisdom should be overthrown. During both world wars, American families produced food at home to supplant food production sent overseas to support soldiers in the field. Why not now?

Img Will this system feed future generations or is a more hands-on approach required

We believe that the time is indeed now and that we are the people to make it happen. The Plant3r team will empower regular folks everywhere to plant more and provide high-quality food for themselves right in their home or backyard. It's about taking back control of your food from a global hyper scaled industrial system and making it yours again. Whether that's a simple tomato plant or a large garden plot which can replace the fruit and vegetable purchases for an entire family over the growing season.

Plant3r gives you the power to grow more for you and your family. We hope you will join us on the journey as we bring the latest agriculture technology and put it directly into your hands.

Wishing you an abundant harvest this year.

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Plant3r is a ' virtual assistant' for brand new vegetable gardeners. The Plant3r Assistant helps you get the materials you need to start your garden without all of the hours of research. Just answer a few simple questions and everything you need to get started is in your inbox a few minutes later. Plant more with Plant3r!

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