Top 5 Plants to Start Your Hydroponic Garden

May 31, 2021 |

Do you want to start a hydroponic gardening system, but aren’t quite sure where to start? We’ve all been there! I checked in with the CEO of Plant3r, Clifton Hartsuff, to see which plants are best to start growing your hydroponic system.


With a unique flavor, cress is an herb you can throw into salads and other foods to add in a bit of extra flavor. Cress grows quickly which means you can have a full supply in your hydroponic system to provide additional flavor in anything you’re cooking.


Yes! You really can grow your own supply of cilantro at home. Cilantro is a widely used herb in many different recipes but it can get tedious spending way too much money for a small package of fresh cilantro. Instead of trekking to the grocery store every time it's called for in a recipe, save your money and grow your own cilantro at home!

Leaf Lettuce

A wide variety of leaf lettuces can be grown in your hydroponic system. Serving as a base for salads or toppings on your burger, lettuce can be used in many different ways. Growing your own lettuce in a hydroponic system lets you avoid the limp and wilting selection from the grocery store and provide you and your family with fresh, crunchy, and healthy lettuce for your salads right outside your door.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

According to Garden Focused UK, Tiny Tim Tomatoes produce a plethora of fruit resembling a cherry tomato with a strong red color. When served as a topping, this tomato will brighten up any meal and add great flavor.

Space Master Cucumbers

This variety of cucumbers is what you would expect when looking for one in the grocery store. They are cool, refreshing, and great for any salad or vegetable tray. All the better when you can say, “I grew it myself!”

Now that you’ve seen the variety of foods you can grow in a hydroponic garden, you must be wanting to jump right in. Lucky enough, Plant3r sells a hydroponic system you can use to grow all of the foods listed above called the GrowMesh! We hope you’ve learned something new today about the possibilities of a hydroponic gardening system. Happy growing!

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